Falcon™ Range of Motion (ROM) Prone Cart

It is the most innovative development since the invention of the gurney. A must for any kind of wound care. The Range of Motion Prone Cart allows the uses to easily move around the facility while allowing for a user controlled movement of critical areas after any type of surgery or rehabilitation.

Typical Uses

Burn Recovery
Skin Graph Therapy
Skin Flap Surgery Recovery
Any Non Weight Bearing Therapy
Amputee Therapy
Range of Motion Therapy
Manual or Power Mobility


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Check out the latest thing in positioning for those unable to put pressure on the sacral area. The ROM Prone Cart provides the length necessary for a tall adult, but can shorten its length to make maneuvering a breeze: Standard length is 72" (adjustable between 67" and 77"). Shown in figure 1 at 180° and figure 2 at

Range of Motion Prone Cart In Motion

90°, the elevating hip platform is adjustable to any point between those two positions. The elevating chest platform, as shown in figure 3, helps eliminate fatigue and will keep you out and about for hours. Manual propel is standard, power drive upgrade is optional. 

As with the regular prone carts (so passé), the ROM Prone Cart can be rented or purchased to suit your convenience.

One Medical Center Reports:
"I have had a very interesting case where we used the device with considerable success to treat bilateral hip and knee contractures. The improvement has been dramatic and I had not really considered this application of the device until this patient. We are planning to publish the case, which should get you even more attention."