Falcon™ 180º Sliding Power Seat Recline System

The Falcon™ 180º Sliding Seat Recline has been engineered to eliminate shear in the seat region by aligning the body's pivot point - the hips - with the pivot point of the chair, thereby protecting the ischials and tarsals while maintaining positioning throughout the recline. Because the back angle opens without moving the back up or down, all the attachments like laterals or chin controls stay in the same position throughout the full range of movement. The flat recline is ideal for catheter patients and for flat transfers to bed. This fixed frame system can be customized in almost any way that you can imagine and configured 'your way'. It can even be modified to put a molded back right at the backposts so that there is no need for extra length and the system doesn't end up overloading the front casters. Works with most manufacturers' power bases including, Invacare®, Pride®, Quantum® & Quickie®.


Only system that offer 180º flat recline

Available with Sling Back or Sling Seat

Antibacterial / Anti-Microbial Coating

Unique Falcon™ Gel Arm Pads
Legrest Move Up when Reclining

180º Sliding Power Seat Recline System

Falcon Sliding Power Recline System

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Power ELR


Back Height





250/400*/600* lbs


 * 250 lbs. Standard. See Bariatric Power Seating System for 400 lbs. & 600 lbs.

Invacare is a registered trademark of Invacare Corporation. Quickie is a registered trademark of Sunrise Medical HHG Inc. Pride & Quantum is a registered trademark of Pride Mobility Products Corporation.