Falcon™ Ultra Low ACT™ Mini Power Tilt System

The Falcon™ ACT™ Mini V has been engineered to provide optimum flexibility in configuration. It is the final Act in ACT™ seating addressing the smaller users who swim in adult seating. The system is sized to fit the client's dimensions, unlike systems which are merely "scaled down" versions of adult chairs. This approach to design assures greater fit and function. Accommodating growth easily is a key need for these clients and is built into the Mini V. Adjustablility in width, depth, and back angle, all of which can be easy accomplished in a matter of minutes with no special tools. This simplifies client fitting, reduces tech service time, and makes accommodating growth simple. Works with most manufacturers' power bases including, Invacare®, Pride®, Quantum® & Quickie®.


Simple Adjustments of width and depths of up to 5 inches

Height and Angle adjustable arms

Adjustable back angle from 85º to 110º

Antibacterial / Anti-Microbial Coating
Offset Back Post (for Narrow Hips / Wide Shoulders

ACT™ Mini V Power Tilt

Falcon ACT Mini V Power Tilt System

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Power ELR


Back Height





250 lbs


 Invacare is a registered trademark of Invacare Corporation. Quickie is a registered trademark of Sunrise Medical HHG Inc. Pride & Quantum is a registered trademark of Pride Mobility Products Corporation.