Falcon™ LTC MidWheel Manual Tilt n Space Wheelchair

The LTC MidWheel Manual Tilt is the first manual midwheel drive manual wheelchair to offer a full 50 degrees of tilt, with dual (user and attendant) lockout actuators, full padding, durable steel contruction and is made in the USA. Perfect for client with diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) Cerebral Palsy (CP), Alzheimers, or Dementia.


Full Padding is Standard

Power Tilt at no extra charge with Dual lockout Actuator Switches

Adjustable back angle from 92º to 122º

Unique Falcon™ Gel Arm Pads and padding

  Durable Steel Construction with high temperature TIG welding

LTC MidWheel Power Tilt Manual Wheelchair

Falcon Long Term Carm MidWheel Manual Tilt 

The sturdy construction and many standard features, like dual-trigger releases, make this one of the safest, most durable tilt chairs available. The large selection of options and compatible accessories will suit the needs of most users without customizing an entire system. The 92° - 122° back angle adjustment range is designed for ease of client positioning.

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Falcon LTC MidWheel Manual Tilt Wheelchair



 Real Seating and Positioning Lawn Chair Webbing
 Client can Perform Weight Shifts Independetly Attendant must Tilt Chair
 Client can Manually Propel Wheelchair Attendant must move Chair
 Durable Steel Construction Aluminum
 Gel Padding Standard Vinyl Coverings
 Made in the United States Made in Canada

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