Talking Battery Alarm

Clients seem unable to remember that wheelchair and scooter batteries need to be recharged REGULARLY – literally every day without waiting for the batteries to wear down. When they don’t charge regularly, two things happen and both are bad. The first is that performance of the chair suffers and the second is that the battery dies a premature death – leading to the necessity of purchasing more batteries than you should. This is un-environmental.

Typical Uses

Power Wheelchair
Power Prone Carts
Power Seating Systems
Any 24 Volt System that needs to be charged
Non Technical Inclined Client
Repeatedly forgetting to charge the batteries.



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The Falcon Infomatics™ Talking Battery Alarm attaches directly to the batteriesBattery Minder

and monitors charge level. When the battery reaches 30% of charge remaining, the alarm repeats a programmable alert every 30 seconds reminding the client to recharge the batteries. If this alert is ignored, then when 20% of the charge remains, a more strident alert issues every 30 seconds, until the charger is engaged. Since the alarm message is easily recorded, the clinician can determine the appropriate message including the language of choice.

One Medical Center Reports:
"I can't tell you the cost savings we have had due to the Talking Battery Alarm. By audibly cueing the user to charge the wheelchair, we have not had to replace the batteries as often due to poor charging. Thank you Falcon Rehab.