The Perfect Legrest

With angle adjustments available in up to four different places, this leg will 'fit to perfection' your most demanding or contracted client. With interlocking teeth to hold the angles that you set (adjustable in six degree increments), this durable beauty doesn't just look good, it holds its 'shape' one you set it.

Now you can have your Falcon Legrest in whatever configuration makes you happy. A Falcon leg for an Invacare®? No Problem. We work with most wheelchair manufacturers' including Invacare®, Pride®, Quantum® & Quickie®. Download the Order Form and configure your Perfect Legrest. 

Works with: 

Motion Concepts®

Available Options

Knee Only
Knee and RHI
Knee, RHI and Ankle
Knee, RHI, Ankle, Foot
Knee and Ankle
Knee, Ankle and foot

Falcon Perfect Legrest

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Invacare is a registered trademark of Invacare Corporation. Quickie is a registered trademark of Sunrise Medical HHG Inc. Pride & Quantum is a registered trademark of Pride Mobility Products Corporation.